New Sustainable ‘Eco-Resort’ will charge guests in line with their Carbon Footprint

  11th Nov 2019

Travel has, for many years, been linked with indulgence and hotels, where sheets and towels are often changed daily even when not used, are often seen as the opposite of sustainability, however a new eco-hotel in Kontiolahti, Finland, set to open in 2022, plans to determine the price guests pay for their stay based on their carbon footprint during the visit.

The resort is the brainchild of Finnish distillery Arctic Blue Group, who plan to use the nature-oriented resort to fight climate change.

“It is all about experiencing nature – we want you to go out and be involved in it,” marketing and communication strategist Simone Bocedi told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

While prices have yet to be determined, Bocedi said the resort “should be accessible to everyone,” with every bit guests do to be more sustainable will lower their bill while also aiding the fight against climate change.

The Arctic Blue Resort, will run an emission-based pricing model, so that guests who consume less energy, make sustainable food choices and attend ecological activities during their stay could receive up to 50 per cent discount off the cost of their stay.

To add to the low carbon theme, the hotel will be built using only natural materials and will be completely powered by renewable energy sources.

Mikko Spoof, Vice President and founder of Arctic Brands Group, said:

“We want to offer people a world-class eco-vacation and encourage them to make sustainable choices by having emission-based pricing for their stay. Visitors of the resort can influence the cost for example by consuming less energy, attending ecological activities and making sustainable dietary choices.  We want the resort to be a place of true tranquillity and thus encourage our guests to be more present in the moment and embrace digital detox.”